Ticking: Special TESLA Ticking, is quilted with polyester&spun bonded fabric.

TESLA ticking increases the blood circulation, oxygen transmission and nutrients. As it relaxes the muscles,

reduces the transition during sleeping and offers a well sleeping period.

3D mesh fabric for air ventilation & Upholstery fabric for the border.

Bottom side is taped and top side is zippered.

Inner cotton cover…

Unique look with Turkish Tailoring…

Special Mattress Ticking TESLA explanation;

All materials have weak or strong magnetic fields. There is a magnetic field of the human body as each item. Magnetic field in the human body consists of the movement of the bioelectric loads. Therefore, heart, muscles, organs and brain have a certain magnetic field.

Magnetic field is a phenomenon that not visible and be felt directly but the results can be felt or seen. Seen in astronauts sent into space and prolonged fatigue, muscle pain, sleep and concentration disorders are caused by a lack of Earth’s magnetic field. Ibn Sina in his time treated physical, neurological diseases with magnets.

Human body’s magnetic field signals and magnetic field of Earth are in harmony. However, the magnetic field of the world has undergone a sudden drop in recent years. There is a need for higher magnetic fields of the human body to live healthy.

Special Tesla Ticking;

  • By affecting the iron, constituting 4% of the blood content, enhances the blood circulation.
  • Increased blood circulation, increases the level of transmission of oxygen and nutrients.
  • It separates the red blood cells circulating in cluster form. It accelerates the oxygen delivery to the weak cell.
  • By secreting melatonin hormone from the pineal gland helps regulate circadian rhythms of sleep
  • It provides the ability to relax muscles and reduces the transition period to sleep.
  • Magnetic waves activate cells and stimulate skin and bones



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