Zippered Cover “Meditation” (RELAXING)

Fabric: Special Meditation ticking has the feature of receiving and spreading the static energy in body..

3D mesh fabric for air ventilation & Upholstery fabric for the border.

Bottom side is taped and top side is zippered.

Unique look with Turkish Tailoring…

Inner cotton cover…

Special Mattress Ticking MEDITATION explanation;

Meditation ticking has the feature of receiving and spreading the static energy in body. Meditation ticking decreases the stress effects resulted from the static energy. The fabrics help the body protect its natural magnetic field.

Meditation ticking create more relaxing environment for sleeping with its feature of obliterating the static energy.

The friction that occurs then walking, getting in or off, wearing, walking on the carpet and the plastic based shoes create the static electrics in body. Synthetic clothing and electronic tools cause static charge occurs in body.

Every human body collects the static energy because of these causes and the static energy level perpetually increases.

The static energy located in the surface of body creates and energy pollution around the body.

The static energy affects negatively the natural magnetic field especially the neural system in body. Static electric accumulated in body create somatic disorders and psychological diseases such as tension, uneasiness and tiredness on people.

Accumulation of static electric also increases the stress level. A negative effect of static electric is on the skin. Increasing of the static energy tires subcutaneous muscles and causes loss of natural flexibility. Face and body wrinkles and body prolapse are examples of it.

meditation-2 meditation

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