About Us

As Coverrest®, we are pleased to present our mattress covers & semi-finished mattresses website, with the latest trend models as well as the conventional ones.

Coverrest® is a registered brand name of Verra Ltd.

The company is an active supplier for many years for all kinds of mattress components.

The major products have been Packing Plastics (bags, film etc.), Labels, Tape, Plastic Accessories, and solvent based glue for mattresses. Now the company has transferred the market and business knowledge to sewn mattress covers industry.

With the correct key partners, we are combining the latest trends of mattress manufacturing and traditional Turkish tailoring to produce our mattress covers & semi-finished mattresses.

Advantages of outsourcing Sewn Mattress Covers. 

•Reduces the need of equipment, machinery, staff, raw material

•Decreases the Storage costs of mattress ticking, Tape, Thread etc.

•Enjoying the different construction methods, and designs with minimum costing.

•Easy to access to the latest fashion, manufacturing methods of mattress industry. •Increases the manufacturing capacity, with less staff. •Even the most complicated mattresses (Euro Top, Pillow Top etc.) can be prepared within three minutes.

•Custom made designs only for you,

•A perfect method not only for conventional manufacturers but also e-commerce players.

Let us do the R&D for you and prepare your covers & semi-finished mattresses.

Sit back and enjoy the Mattress Manufacturing with Coverrest® covers and semi-finished mattresses.